Energy Efficient Pumping Solutions

90% of a pump's Life Cycle Cost (LCC) represents energy consumption and maintenance, relegating to the background initial purchase cost to a second plane.



Implementing the recommendations of Neptuno Energy™ you can achieve reductions in energy consumption of up to 30% and the following benefits:

•  Reduce maintenance cost

•  Increase productivity

•  Reduce production cost

•  Improve installed capacity

•  Improve reliability

•  Improve process safety.

Source: Hydraulic Institute, Europump & Office of Industrial Technologies Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy.


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Evaluation of Pumping Systems

Our Pumping System Assessment is based on the Energy Assessment for Pumping Systems ASME EA-2 standard, allowing to understand the requirements of each system, their function and operation through the revision of the ultimate goal (and use) the system pumping, and then with a review of each component and the consideration of interactions between them, to assess opportunities for optimization.

Energy Savings
& CO
2 Reductions

Efficiency improvements as minimum as 1% can lead to significant results in terms of cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions.



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