Neptuno Pumps’ Foundry is equipped with an extended range of Smelting of Induction Casting INDUCTOTHERM®, with a capacity from 25 kg to 600 kg. Having a total smelting capacity of:

  • 7.000 (seven thousand) kg for
      Ferrous Elements (Steel and
      Smelted Iron)
  • 6.500 (kg) (six thousand five
      hundred) kg for non-Ferrous
      Elements (Bronzes and Aluminum)

Neptuno Pumps has a world-class Foundry, equipped with cutting-edge technology and highly experienced professionals, permitting a great capability and versatility of the products.

Casting Simulation Technology
Neptuno Pumps introduces its new generation of casting simulation software, optimizing its manufacturing processes and guaranteeing its products’ world-class quality.

  • MAGMASOFT® – World’s most advanced casting simulation software
  • Predict overall quality of the pouring
  • Simulation of mold filling, solidification and cooling
  • Optimization of casting conditions
  • Reduced costs of smelting

Self-hardening Resin Casting
Neptuno Pumps Foundry works with furan resin, the only one which allows a 100% of recycling which is made with a 6 ton/hour recovering plant, in this way avoiding massive elimination of dangerous products into the environment.

Cold Box Casting
This type of Smelting guarantees quick confection of high precision cores, permitting a quick response to a large quantity of requests in a short period of time

Investment Casting

It has incorporated ceramic models confection and in Lost Wax, permitting to obtain geometrical high precision casts which give melted pieces with a tolerance of ±0.1 (mm) and a Superficial Quality of 125-150 RMS (melted), diminishing mechanizing and secondary operations costs.

Vacuum Induction Melting:
There are two Vacuum Induction Casting Equipments: One with capacities up to 500 (kg) of special steels, such as Hastelloy®*, Inconel® **, Monel® **, copper with low oxygen content and high-reactivity materials. The second with capacities up to 100 (kg) of metal inceramic molds that are introduced directly into the camera.

* Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynes
** Inconel and Monel are registered trademarks
of International Nickel Co., Inc.

Models Workshop – One of the fewest Foundries offering an in-house Models Workshop, with the capability of generating the most diverse and complex geometries.

Heat Treatment – As a complement to the necessary process for obtaining the required properties in some materials requested by our clients, with an approximate capacity of 14,000 (fourteen thousand) kg and a volume of 45 m 3

Rapid Manufacturing Center – Equipped with cutting edge generation machinery for the rapid pieces and components manufacture and with the Rapid Prototyping technology.

Quality Control – Every casting is analyzed with a BAIRD® Spark Spectrometer and an Optical Emitting Spectrometer (OES) Based on CCD Q4 TASMAN BRUKER®, assuring its integrity and quality. In addition it offers an extended range of testing and laboratory equipment to guarantee an appropriate chemical and mechanical performance.