Neptuno Analytics is the first circular economy mobile application for industrial pumps that allows the traceability, visualization and complete documentation of the life cycle of Neptuno Pumps equipment, from its manufacture to its return for evaluation and remanufacturing.

  • Historical information on decommissioned equipment
  • Visualization of the current and real-time status of the equipment, in the process of evaluation, remanufacturing, manufacturing or pending authorization
  • View all the documentation associated with the equipment
  • Inbound clearance guides
  • Outbound clearance guides
  • Technical reports
  • Receipt reports
  • Purchase orders
  • Office images
  • Visualization of Circular Economy indicators
  • % material recovered by equipment
  • % material recycled by equipment
  • Tons of carbon footprint not emitted by equipment
  • Tons of total recycled material per customer
  • QR code reading on each Neptuno Pumps pumping equipment, displaying all the information associated with the equipment's history.


Neptuno Analytics

Circular Economy and Traceability for Industrial Pumps



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